let’s talk about the hair


My hairdresser is amazing.  When I was pregnant with Elliott, my hair was pretty long.  I also had what I like to refer to as “the crazy.”  If you have had a baby or know someone who has had a baby, you are familiar with the crazy.  So one day my crazy decided that my hair needed to be cut.  Immediately.  Where do you go if you need your hair cut immediately?  One of those strip mall places.  I think it was Great Cuts.  I emerged with several inches having been blunt cut off, looking much like I’d cut my own hair.  Now the crazy needed to be appeased even more.  So I found the Davis Clay Salon in Douglasville, which ironically was even closer to where we lived than the awful haircut place.  They took one look at me and told me if I’d be willing to wait, they’d be happy to take me as a walk-in.  And that’s when I met Valena.

Valena has been my hairdresser for seven years now.  She is a miracle worker.  When it comes to my hair, she is really more of a lion tamer than a stylist.  My hair is very fine, but also very thick.  And thanks to the awesomeness of having two babies, there is a weird patch of crazy curly/kinky hair in the back.  We’ve learned that my cuts will take longer than 45 minutes.  We’ve also learned that product and flatirons are my friends.  Valena has done all sorts of awesome cuts on me, my favorite of which was a precision angled bob that required monthly maintenance.  So, yeah, I ended up growing that one out.


About two years ago, Valena and I discussed my plans for my hair.  I was on the fence between growing it out long and going super short, like pixie short.  Now this may come as a surprise to those of you who’ve known me for a long time and seen the rainbow of colors and myriad of styles my hair has been, but I’ve always been a little scared to go that short.  So I asked Bobby what he thought, and he voted for long.  I’ve been growing my hair for a couple years now, and it’s gotten very long indeed.  So long, in fact, that I’d started thinking about donating it.


Then I was diagnosed with cancer.  The treatment is chemo, which we all know makes one’s hair fall out.  I talked to my doctor, and she said, “If you want to donate your hair, do it now.”  As in, do it before we pour all these chemicals into your body, which, by the way, will definitely make your hair fall out.  So I called Valena.  Normally I have to wait about two weeks to get in with her.  But she and the awesome staff at Davis Clay moved things around so that I could come in on a Saturday morning and get my hair cut.  I gave her free license to do whatever she wanted with my hair.  My only stipulation was that we donate as much of it as we could.

It ended up being 12 inches.  I have never had so much fun getting a haircut in my life.


And Valena created this fabulousness, which I absolutely love.  It’s taken some getting used to, but it’s so much easier.  And I think I look pretty darn cute.  When it starts to fall out, I’ll go back and she’ll shave it all off for me.  


When I went to check out, the receptionist told us that another client had overheard my story and paid for my haircut.  I had been fine up until that point, but that is when Valena, the receptionist, and I all got a little misty eyed.  What a sweet gesture.  There are angels everywhere.  And now some adorable little girl with alopecia or cancer is going to become a sassy little redhead.  

I cannot think of a more blessed trade-off.



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  1. I love you Kristi! I feel the same way about the angels … they are always with us … and I know Grandma Catherine is watching over you as well. You are in my prayers always! Love, Molly

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