again with the hair


Well, it is finally happening.  I know many of you have been wondering.  My hair started slowly coming out a few weeks ago, but this past week it’s been falling out as fast and furious as the snow came down.  Except the snow and ice have now all melted, and there is still hair all over my pillowcase.  I don’t have any bald spots yet.  As a matter of fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at me that my hair is coming out in handfuls in the shower.  (Really annoying.  I have to rinse off like 80 times.)  But it’s a little thinner, and my part is a little wider.  And I look like I’ve recently acquired a very cuddly cat whose fur is the same length and color of my hair.  Because it’s everywhere.  All over my clothes, the pillows, the bathroom, Bobby…  I think I will actually be much happier once it’s all gone, because then I won’t be constantly picking it off of myself anymore.  In a week or two, I will probably go ahead and shave it.  You guys know me, and my patience level is not equipped to deal with constant massive shedding.  I am, however, for the thousandth time, SO thankful that we have leather furniture, especially since the couch is my favorite spot to be lately.  

The other 999 times I’ve been grateful for leather furniture have all been kid and pet related.  For instance, when I found a half-eaten Gogurt in the crevice of one of the arm chairs last week.  Fiona had decided she was finished with it.  Or maybe she was saving it for later.  Either way, half a roll of paper towels and some water and voila, no more Gogurt.  And no more Gogurt allowed in the living room.  Mean mommy.  The kitchen table is no fun to eat at.

Hopefully the weather will warm up soon, since I have no plans to wear a wig.  I did get a couple of cute hats on clearance at Target (my happy place), and my dear friend Rachel sent me her collection of hats and scarves from her chemo days.  Here is my new favorite.  I think I look ready to solve a mystery.  Or write one.


Pretty soon I’ll look like I’m ready to clean your house!  But don’t let that fool you.  Mama don’t do no scrubbin’ no more.  That’s what we have husbands for.  😉

(photo from wikipedia)



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