blessings in disguise


There is so much that is ridiculously awful about undergoing cancer treatment, so much that I thought I’d never be able to endure, so much that has just become routine.  But there are also some good things, things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Things like:

-Driving with the window down.  No hair to blow around in my face.  This is what it must be like for guys!

-Taking “twin selfies” with other bald people.  I had no idea my brother and I looked so much alike.  (Love you both, Matt and David!)

-No shaving.  Self-explanatory.

-Insomnia = lots of middle of the night brainstorming for grad school projects.

-My babies love to kiss and rub my fuzzy head at bedtime.  It’s oddly sweet.

-Bonding with loved ones about chemo/cancer experiences.  It’s like a club you never want to be invited to join, but once you’re in, you might as well make the best of it, ’cause it’s for life!

-Having complete confidence in a doctor.  (That’s you, Dr. McDonald!  You seriously saved my life!)

-Perspective…every day truly is a gift, and the small things are just that – small things.  No point in sweating them…I’ve got hot flashes for that!


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  1. Kristy, it seems only awesome people have cancer. You are one amazing girl! I have two other friends undergoing cancer treatment currently. You are three of the most courageous, strong, and faith-filled people I know! And you look amazingly wonderful without hair, seriously! So does Deering Manning! I pray God helps you keep up THAT indomitable spirit, and brings you through, cancer FREE! (In Jesus’s name)!

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