changes in latitude, changes in attitude


Well, there has been a change of plans.  I will not be having my port taken out any time soon.  My doctor presented my post-treatment PET scan at the tumor board (I’m such an interesting patient, I’ve been presented to the tumor board twice now!) and the board didn’t think the few little spots I have left were too much of a concern.  Something to keep an eye on, definitely, but not enough to warrant pulling out the port six months early.  So for now, we will leave it in.  I’ve been able to take Aleve now that I have an immune system again, so I’ve kept the soreness around that side of my neck at bay.  Actually, it was getting much better and I had left off the Aleve for a few days when I had to go back for bloodwork and a port flush.  Now it’s been bothering me again, so I’m thinking my body is just saying, “leave me the hell alone!”  I feel ya, body!  Nine months of poking and prodding are plenty.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that.

Monday I go back to teaching, and I’m actually really looking forward to it.  This past week was Open House, and I think I’m going to have a pretty good group of kids.  My little drama munchkins seem to be chomping at the bit to start acting, and my middle schoolers did very little whining when I talked about all the writing they would be doing.  I can hardly ask for more!  Hopefully I will be able to keep my own whining to a minimum when  I start back to grad school in a week.

I’m a little concerned about having enough energy to keep up with everything I’m about to have going on, but mostly I’m just happy to be getting back into a routine.  I’ve laid on the couch watching Pioneer Woman long enough.  It’s time to get back in gear – the energy will come back in time, along with my hair!


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