raising the battle cry again


Hello, dear friends.  It’s been a while.  I’d love to tell you that it’s because I’ve been out living my life and having a great time, but unfortunately things have been very busy because I’ve been running around to all my doctors again lately.

I have less than stellar news to share.  My Hodgkin’s lymphoma has returned.  Or perhaps it never completely went away.  I’m not sure.

Here’s the timeline:

First, I did a red blood cell study because I was still anemic and lethargic.  That showed that my RBC’s were still too small and too few, and my iron was seriously low.  After some trial and error with oral supplements, we decided that the best course of action would be for me to have iron infusions.  I’ve done two so far, and I’ll go back on Wednesday for a third.

But that’s not all that’s happened.

The spot in my neck has grown, and two more spots in my left breast showed up.  So I did a mammogram and an ultrasound.  The breast surgeon said it didn’t look like breast cancer, but it was definitely possible that it was the lymphoma again.  My oncologist wanted biopsies.  Frankly, so did I.  I wanted some pathology to back up what I had suspected for a while now.  On Tuesday I underwent a needle biopsy.  Friday I got the pathology results and they were positive for lymphoma.

There are a few silver linings here: I don’t have to have surgery on my neck, since we know now what it is.  It’s the same old thing, and not a new kind of cancer.  That’s all I got right now, but I’m sure there are more.

The bad news is that I will have to undergo treatment again.  We will start out with chemo ( a different type from last time) and then look at a stem cell transplant.  Within the next week or so, I’ll do another PET scan and a bone marrow biopsy.  I’ll also see my oncologist on Wednesday to go over the exact plan of treatment.

I’ve been open with you all throughout this journey so far, and I intend to include you on this next leg of the trip.  I’ve had a much-needed break, but now it’s once more unto the breach, dear friends.  Many thanks for the love you always share with me.  Know that it flows back to you a hundredfold.



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  1. Hugs, Prayers, and Lots of thoughts from down here in So. Florida! Stinks to hear that it’s crept back up again, but you’re a fighter; you’ve got this!!! Miss you dearly, B.

  2. Hold on while I get my combat boots! I’ll grab your hand and jump into the breach again with you, my sweet precious friend. I promise that everyday I’ll pray God’s Bright Light will cover you and those you love. I love you.

  3. Aw, kiddo, uncool. But I’m here to help get your back! Please don’t hesitate if you need something, I’m right here in Hiram. Love you!

  4. I love you and I am so very sad to hear this news
    . You will be in my heart and my prayers. Please let me know if there is anything you need ❤

  5. Many prayers headed your way, and we will look forward to being of service to you and your family – Please let us know how/when we may help…Cathy Hess Wright

  6. Well, I surely hate reading this but am glad to know so that we can join the legions of people who are praying for you and sending all kinds of positive thoughts to you and your precious little family. Hugs, Jo

  7. One of our friends had cancer his blood platelets hit rick bottom with chemo. At that time were selling MONAVIE. We kept him drinking that . It is safe and it brought his platelets up as well as have him strength . If you would like to try it we will get it for you. Ask your dad about it he sold it for a while.

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