fuzzy head and high times


So the pot pills did not work out so well.  The kids went to my parents’ house for Memorial Day weekend, and on Saturday morning I started feeling sick.  I took a pill at about 10 am, and I was fine for about an hour.  But around 11, all of a sudden something in my head just clicked and I immediately had to sit down.  I asked Bobby to bring me a pillow, and I spent the next few hours on the couch in a weird state of semi-hallucination.  The world was spinning, I couldn’t stand up, I could barely talk.  Bobby said every so often I would halfway sit up and ask him the same question I’d asked 20 minutes earlier.  It was horrible.  I don’t know why people pay money to feel like that.  I hate being out of control.  Finally, after a few hours, it started to wear off and I could finally fall asleep.  Needless to say, I won’t be taking any more of those pills.  I’ve decided to just stick with the Zofran for when the nausea gets really bad.

On a more positive note, I’ve got more hair on my head.  It’s growing in really dark.  I have a lot of fuzz on the back of my head, and then some on the top and left side.  For some reason, there’s not so much on the right side yet.  It looks pretty funny right now, but I’m hoping I might have a full head of fuzz by the time my next transplant rolls around.  And my eyebrows are almost completely grown back in!  No eyelashes yet, though.

K with fuzz

Yesterday I went to see my transplant doctor, Dr. Solh.  The plan for now is to do a few more treatments of brentuximab, since it seems to be working.  Then we’ll do another PET scan to see what the masses are up to.  If we need to, we’ll do some radiation at that time to finish shrinking them.  If I can get to remission (no masses), my chances of the transplant working will be higher.

Another positive note – they found a 100% match for me through the registry.  So with radiation and getting everything worked out with the donor, we are probably looking at a transplant date sometime in September.  If you are interested in doing something to help out, please consider going to bethematch.org to become a registered donor.  Even though I won’t know my donor, I will forever be grateful to them for their selfless gift of life.  You can also donate blood or platelets.  Locally it’s AtlantaBloodServices.com.  Many thanks to Stephen and Wendy for their recent donation on my behalf!

So that’s where we are right now.  Still taking it one day at a time, and still praying for energy, health, and remission!


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  1. Decided to stop by last night at See Girl Write, as Lesley stated that the two of you had conversed through that fancy shmancy teck-naw-lo-gee thingy called “text”…and that you had mentioned the long-awaited milestone of being able to finally receive visitors.

    I would like to first and foremost tip my hat to you, for your resilience and strength, throughout. Scaling wall after wall, in an attempt to silence that little voice within, that nags and nags, hoping to prevent you from reaching the finish line. To mute this weighty beast is an accomplishment, in and of itself. So, pat yourself on the back, if you haven’t already.

    Never forget those who have always cheered you on…your faithful husband and your beautiful children…seeing to it that your race is as effortless as possible. As well, as your friends and support community – which seems to be running strong on this blog and beyond.

    But, above all…keep a firm grasp on the gracious love that can only come from Our Father, who keeps us with a still, small voice and works the very fabric of our being. For it is He alone that allows us to see the beautiful sunshine breaking a new day.

    The future is bright for you Mrs. Kristi Martin…

    Know that we look forward to sharing a little bit of your sunshine, soon.

    Until then…

    Be blessed,


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