Two weeks ago I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and had to throw up as usual.  Bobby was in the restroom, so I ended up vomiting in the sink.  It was a little too dark and viscous, so I turned on the bathroom light.  Red.  Blood red.  A sink full of blood.  Ew.  I washed it out and went back to bed, trying to reason in my head that it was just red stomach acid.  I mean, I’ve thrown up some pretty funky colors of stomach acid (green, yellow, orange).  But then I ended up throwing up several more times, all of which were blood.  I even made Bobby look at it to make sure it was actually blood.  He took one look at the toilet bowl full of clots and immediately said, “Get dressed.  We’re going to the doctor.”  So I got a shower and called our friend Jackie, who graciously agreed to keep the kids for us.  We got to the doctor’s office right when they opened at 8:30, and of course when I said “vomiting blood,” the doctor agreed to see me right away.  Dr. McDonald is awesome, and would have probably seen me no matter what, but I learned really quickly that “vomiting blood” makes things happen.  Some things I’d rather not have happen, like an endoscopy.

We got back to see the doctor and I asked, “You’re going to stick something down my throat, aren’t you?”  She smiled and said, “No…someone else is going to stick something down your throat.  I’m going to read the report.”

I had to laugh.  And then I started worrying about having a camera on a tube shoved down my throat until she told me that I’d be asleep for the procedure.  But then she told me that the quickest and easiest way to get the test done would be to admit me to the hospital and call in a GI consult.  So off to Wellstar Douglas I went.

I saw the GI doctor that afternoon and thankfully stopped vomiting blood, which made the doctor think it was a tiny tear in my esophagus that had already closed up.  I had to stay overnight and then had the endoscopy the next afternoon.  It was quick and easy, and the GI doctor even took pictures for my curious kiddos to be able to see Mommy’s insides.  All he found was some gastritis in my stomach, so he doubled my Protonix prescription, put me back on Carafate, and sent me home.

So that was my fun hospital trip.  Thankfully it was short.  I’m still throwing up a lot from the chemo, but thankfully no more fountains of blood.  And hopefully no more last minute hospital stays!

hospital selfie with bobby


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  1. I am always thinking of you and praying. My heart hurts at what you have to go thru. I love you my special niece. Wished I could be with you everyday. Love Aunt Glenda

  2. If prayers and all the good thoughts and positive vibes in the world could release you from this, you’d have it over and done. So inspiring. I think of you when I’m tempted to complain. So full of admiration. Wow, what an incredible inspiration you are. Jo

  3. Your perspective and writing style are just wonderful. I can’t wait until you make a million dollars of this best seller. And the best part is your words help so many others too. Love you!

  4. My dear friend, please know we love you and we are praying for Yahweh to heal you.

    We are thinking of you, always.

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