slow and steady wins the race


I had my PET scan last week.  Or was it two weeks ago? Time flies when you spend it asleep! Anyway, I had my scan and got my results. They were mixed. The large masses in my left breast have gone down. The spot on my liver looks the same. But there is a small mass on the right side of my neck that is brighter and some small spots in my left axilla  (aka armpit) that are also brighter. My regular oncologist and my transplant doctors talked it over and decided to have me do a few more treatments of Opdivo and then scan again. It does seem to be working, as I don’t look like I have three boobs anymore. But we still need to get the masses down smaller before we do a transplant. I’m doing pretty well on this drug. My numbers are stable, my weight is steady, and my hair is coming in dark brown. I do sleep a lot during the day, but I’ve also been able to get out and do things since my white count is close to normal. Bobby and I went to a wedding last weekend, and I’ve been to church and Target several times (yes, those actually are two separate things for me).

Opdivo works differently than the older chemo drugs (many of which I’ve taken, like Adriamycin and Dacarbazine). It doesn’t kill all fast-growing cells like they do. It works with your immune system to help target only the cancerous cells. That’s why my hair hasn’t fallen out with Opdivo. And I’ve only thrown up twice since I’ve been on it. That’s a huge improvement over the Brentuximab! I have another treatment this Wednesday. My awesome personal nurse Mary Ann takes me to my treatments. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’ll be sure to let you all know once I get the results of the next scan. I leave you with this picture of my sweet husband and me having fun. So glad I remember how to do that! 😉


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  1. Kristi, you look beautiful & im glad you still know how to have fun, too! May God show you his favor with this new chemo drug & rid your body of every last cancerous cell! I ask that you know His sweet & perfect peace, comfort & rest to be strong for the next treatment. Sending you love, Kristi! 💐💐💐

  2. Yall are amazing, Both you and Bobby. The strength within your family is going to last generations. Love, thoughts and prayers to you both and the kids.

    Katharine Sanders Parsons

  3. So happy to see you happy and having fun in the wedding pictures with your husband! You’re such a lovely couple! Keeping you both and your kiddos in my prayers always!

  4. In our prayers…

    Keep smiling…keep writing…and continue to love. The rest will take care of itself, in faith, indeed.

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