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Hello dear readers,

Well, I’ve done a week and a half of radiation so far and I’d love to say that all is going swimmingly.  Actually, radiation is not so bad.  You lie down topless (whoo-hoo) on the treatment table in the exact same position every time (arms over the head, looking to the right) and then they line up the lasers (I always say this word in my head in a Dr. Evil voice – LAY-zerrrs).  They all scurry from the room and the machine moves around you, making these weird squeaky noises that make you feel like it’s going to just fall on top of you one day.  Then they help you up and you put your robe back on and go about your day.  The whole process takes fifteen or twenty minutes.

Also, I saw my oncologist today and she said the masses felt smaller and softer, which is great.  But I’ve had a hell of a week.

I’ve had a cold for the past three weeks and I cannot shake it off.  I’ve tried everything, including several prescription options.  Last week I started coughing really badly and then I started throwing up every time I had a coughing fit.  So of course I stopped eating because who wants to put something in their mouth only to find out a few minutes later what it tastes like coming back up?  I saw both of the radiation docs and other than prescribing cough meds, they kind of shrugged their shoulders.  But today my regular oncologist gave me fluids and has me coming back on Friday for more.  That made a big difference.  I was able to drink a smoothie today and so far it’s stayed down, which is a huge victory.

I also got my radiation tattoos today.  They’re the little dots on your skin that they use to line up the LAY-zerrrs with.The way they do it is by putting little drops of ink on your skin, then sticking a needle into the ink and sort of swirling it around under your skin.  I felt like a bit of a badass because the tech was like, “Wow, I’ve never seen anyone not jump or flinch at all when I do this.”  And then I was all, “Let me tell you about my FOUR bone marrow biopsies…”  So yeah, I’m kind of hardcore.  She made me bleed and I didn’t cry!  Although it totally hurt.  Not gonna lie.

So I’m eight treatments down and seventeen to go.  Every day except on weekends.  And of course not on Thanksgiving.  Which means I should go to transplant in December.  Slowly but surely, we’re getting there – Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!  Obviously I’ve lived in Georgia way too long.  🙂


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  1. While your turn of phrase always makes me smile, I hear the depth of your daily struggle. But you keep your head up and moving forward! I pray that Thanksgiving will be a day of blessings and sweet rest.

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