Well, I had a chest x-ray and it turns out that the cold I couldn’t shake was pneumonia.  So now I’m on all sorts of meds that are actually helping.  My cough is much better and I’ve been able to eat the past couple of days.  My blood pressure is still pretty low, so I get dizzy a lot when I stand or walk, but I’m sure that will get better as I continue to get fluids and recuperate.

Tomorrow after radiation I’ll get another chest x-ray just to check on things.  There’s also a possibility that I could have inflammatory pneumonitis from all the chemo meds and radiation, so I’m on steroids to help combat that.  Thankfully I haven’t gained any weight so far.  Last time I was on steroids I blew up like a pale puffy balloon.

I’m nearing the end of my third week of radiation.  I’ll finish up the first week of December, and then I’ll immediately start all the rounds of testing for my next transplant.  Depending on the donor’s schedule, we’re looking at the first week of January for transplant.  I’ll know more once my nurse coordinator hears back from the donor.

I feel like I’ve been running a marathon for the past few years.  All this treatment is exhausting, and it makes it difficult to be the parent and person I want to be.  But I will continue to fight, even if I’m trudging one step at a time toward complete healing.  Thank you all for fighting alongside me.  Much love.


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