bump in the road


Hello my lovelies!

Well, we’ve had to back up and punt. Did I just use a sports metaphor? Why yes, yes I did. Anyway…I was approved by the pulmonary doctor for transplant and everything was moving forward. David had all his donor testing done and was cleared, and I did all my usual pre-transplant stuff. I had already done my echo, EKG, labs, pft, and bone marrow biopsy, and the last thing was a pet scan. Bump. The scan showed progression of the disease in my right neck and shoulder area, as well as my right hip bone. So now we have to do some more chemo before we can go to transplant. The masses need to be as small as possible in order to give my brother’s immune system the best chance possible of eating all my cancer spots.

Today I’m at Northside for my first round of GVD therapy. Three lovely drugs that have all the usual side effects. So the pink hair will soon be exiting this mortal world. But that’s okay as long as I stick around! I’ll probably do two rounds of this chemo and then go straight to transplant, which will put it in June. So that’s where we are for now. A few speed bumps may slow me down, but I’ll still get there in the end, God willing and the creek don’t rise!  😉



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  1. You had me at punt!!!! Love my SEC football!! Kristimartin punts high and deep with cancer catching the ball on the 5 yard line. Cancer fumbles! Kristimartin recovers powering her way through cancer to score the winning touchdown!!! Oh, yes, I love you too! God’s Bright Light covers you and those who love you.

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