Still here


Hello my lovelies! I’m alive! I haven’t felt much like writing lately, but I wanted to give a quick update. I had my transplant on June 3rd. My brother David was my donor. I spent most of June in the hospital due to fevers and graft vs. host disease. In short, lots of puking, very little eating, and upper and lower endoscopes with biopsies, plus a little extra chemo and lots of steroids. I’m super glad to be out of the hospital. Once out, I had to go to the clinic every day and wear a portable pump with anti-rejection drugs. I called it Betty Ford, since it was my own personal drug clinic. Now I’m on the Prograf orally, so I got rid of the pump for about a week, but now I’m back on the pump for steroids because I have graft vs. host again, this time in the form of a rash. (Yet another fun biopsy.) Hopefully I’ll go to oral steroids next week. I’m at day 57. At day 100 I’ll do tests to see what the cancer is up to, but so far I’m okay. The mass in my neck has gone down and the GVHD means the graft cells are growing and doing what they are supposed to do. For now, I’m at clinic every other day. Hopefully things will slow down in 40 days, or maybe even speed up if I’m allowed to go in public then! The boredom, exhaustion, and isolation are the hardest parts. But I’m hanging in there and working on getting stronger every day. Much love and thanks for the many prayers and positive energy! You guys have been with me from the beginning of this incredibly long journey and I’m confident you’ll be there to help me celebrate the end of it!


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